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Check out my gallery and tell me the truth. Donate points, please :). I am reaching my goal to purchase the Premium Membership status and to give points away to those that really need them.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Smooth Jazz
  • Reading: Deaf Interpreting Professions
  • Watching: Ganbare Goemon game series
  • Playing: Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii) and Rhythm Heaven (NDSi)
  • Eating: Beef Quesidillas w/ House Salad
  • Drinking: Iced Tea (Sugarless)

Good Evening, Everyone. This is ArtistaDeAlma22.

I want to let you all know that I am truly sorry for not being on DeviantART much. I am in school for a certificate program in Sign Language Interpreting. I also have a job as a student employee in the same school. I have been focused on my homework, studies, and involvement in the Deaf community (Attending events, volunteering, and practicing my signing and receptive skills). Do not worry, though. I am still drawing and looking at other members' Deviations :). It has been a while since I have done Traditional and Digital drawings and paintings (I really want to get back into doing them). For those who read this message, thank you for understanding. Hopefully, I will be able to post more drawings. 

Most of all, I want to let all of my Watchers know that your support, comments/feedback, and occasional visits to my Gallery have been greatly appreciated! I remember creating an account and thinking that I would be happy to have a person or two people see my work. I am surprised that the number of people watching my work has been astounding! :tears: Some of you know that it is tough as nails to have people look at your work and comment on it. I am no professional artist (Nor do I believe I am a god of the arts), but I hope everyday to get better and practice my craft. So, please feel free to leave any advice, suggestions, and structual comments (No derogatory, negative, and idiotic ones). 

Have a good evening and Good Luck in your endeavors!

This is ArtistaDeAlma22. Signing off...


New To the Game
Attn: Commissions Process

Jul 7, 2012, 7:22:19 PM by ~ArtistaDeAlma22
Journals / Personal
Mood: Artistic
Good Evening, DA Community

It's been over a year since I joined this website. I noticed that members of various skill levels and art styles have been doing commissions for Money and/or Points. So, I want to have my hand in the business as well.

Alright! Let's get down to business.

SERVICES (This will be done with my art style, unless stated by the customer):

1. For Sketches and Lineart- 2 Points for Traditionals^ (Choice for inking them or not. No colors, of course) and 4 Points for Digitals*^^
2. For Drawings- 3 Points for Black and Whites (BWs)^^^ and 5 Points for Colors^^^^. Both options can be Traditionals and/or Digitals.*

3. For Original Characters (Your OWN creations. No duplicates of existing Famous Characters)
{Drawings and/or Sketches, BW and/or Colors, Traditional and/or Digital}- 4 points per character.**

4. For Famous Characters (Comic Book, Video Games, Manga, Anime Characters, Animated Films, other Cartoon Characters, Characters that exist in pop culture)
{Drawings and/or Sketches, BW and/or Colored, Traditional and/or Digital}- 5 points per character.**

5. For Group Sketches and Drawings (the same services for the above-mentioned Characters)- 18 points per group theme, ranging from 3-10 characters. 25 Points for 10+ characters.***

*References for character(s) {Sketches or Drawings, writings, scanned images from mangas, comic books, or a magazine, and web links from reputable websites) must be provided

**Both character types will be done separately. There will only be one character per project. The prices for the services, media types, characters, and color options will be added together per project. Backgrounds are included in the charges for used services and are included/excluded by customer's choice.

***For group Sketches, the prices stay the same, along with provided services.

^Sketch paper, sketch pencil, charcoal, chalk, and/or ink
^^Done with an art modification program via computer
^^^Colored pencils, inks, pens, crayons, paints and/or pastels, along with an art modification program
^^^^Same for Black and White (BW)'s definition (one with the three ^'s)

X Sexual scenes (casual sex, rape scenes, same-sex sexual scenes, sexual positions,etc.)
X Animal/Human Abuse scenes (choking, stabbings, neck-crackings, gang beatings, torchings, fur/clothes-tearing, taxidermy, etc.)
X Propaganda for Social/Religious purposes
X Pornography
X Full-On Nudity (Breast and genital areas are exposed)

+People (Fantasy,Cartoons, and Anime)
+Anthromorphic creatures
+Divine creatures
+Some machines (i.e vehicles, armors, artillery, airships, etc.)
+Food (I'm not trying to be funny :})
Short Soliloquies
+Illustrations (The customer(s) wants illustrations based on a poem, short story, fan fiction, or an excerpt from a novel, as long as they follow the criterias for THINGS WILL NOT DRAW)

+Pokemon (Some of them)
+Couples (Hetrosexual and Homosexual. They will be holding hands, cuddling, sharing food in a friendly manner, sitting together, talking together, dancing together, etc. All friendly, wholesome fun. Some images will have the Mature Filter on them.)

+Subtle Nudity (Breasts and genital areas are covered. Mature Filter will DEFINITELY be on)
+Death scenes (Mature Filter will be on some of them)
+Fighting scenes (Mature Filter will be on some of them)

-Perspective views and proportions
-Real-Life People and Objects
-Long Soliloquies
-Landscapes and Urbanscapes

@-As stated, if the customer(s) continues to request for such, the request WILL be denied
@@-As stated, the following can be drawn by the artist
@@@-As stated, the following cannot be drawn to full potential and is being perfected by the artist

Let say you wanted a Drawing of Sailor Moon done. You want her done with Traditional media and you want her Colored. So, the colored drawing will be 5 Points. Since Sailor Moon is a Famous Character, that will be another 5 Points. Altogether, that will be 10 Points for ONE drawing. Now, you want a Group Drawing of the Sailor Scouts. Let say you only wanted three or five of them. The cost will only be 18 points because it includes the media options, color options, background addition and number of characters PER PROJECT. The project will begin ONLY IF the customer pays first. Otherwise, there will be NO work done on the project(s).


Depending on each project, the time can range from 3 days to 1 week or 1 month (Depending on my schedule). The customer can contact me via the mailbox, or my profile page, to see how the project(s) is/are going. This also gives the customer the opportunity to input suggestions or advice on the process(es). Once the project(s) is/are done, the customer will be notified and will see the final results. If the customer(s) is/are not satisfied, the project(s) will be done the second and third times. After three retries, the customer(s) can take his/her/their business(es) elsewhere if unsatisfied. As for the number of clients that can be taken on, the minimum is two clients and the maximum is three clients per month (Depending on the traffic of DA users on the website and the number of projects involved).


-If the customer(s) acts in disrespectful fashions such as:
-Using foul and lewd language to the artist
-Sending threats of any kind to the artist
-Does not comply with the instructions given by the artist
-Performs slander and libel against the artist to tarnish reputation
-Sends lewd and provocative photos to the artist as a joke or as a demeaning action
-Sends messages to the artist to perform suicidal actions, etc.


Questions, Comments, Suggestions, or Say "Hello!"?:

Feel free to leave a message in my mailbox and/or profile and I will respond to it ASAP. My username is ArtistaDeAlma22. Spread the Word to the community!

Thank you all for reading the entry. This is ArtistaDeAlma22. Signing off...



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Good Day/Evening to all deviantART Members. I am Heather a.k.a ArtistaDeAlma22. Just like the majority of people on this Earth (with the exception of those who do not fit the "Average Joe/Jane persona), I am doing my best to live Life to the fullest and am always searching for things that pique my interests. Also, I like to keep myself busy with other hobbies besides drawing and playing video games, such as:

Helping people in need (As long as the chores are LEGAL)
Reading literature
Learning how to use Micorsoft Office Suite, GIMP, Photoshop, and 3-D game designing model programs
Watching videos on YouTube
Taking care of my pets
Learning how to do different hair styles
Improving my cooking abilities
Exercising to improve my health and physical well-being Volunteering at the Art Institute Museum
Learning Sign Language

Like the majority of deviantART Members, I became a member because I wanted to showcase my sketches and drawings and network with other artists, both hobbyists and professionals. However, there are more reasons than that. I want professional critiques (any feedback is welcomed) on my gallery so not only can I adapt other art styles as my own and to better appreciate other forms of art, but to become a better artist and receive more recognition for my work. One of my goals is to obtain a job position as a game designer of or a graphic designer (because I believe that is where my artistic abilities truly lie in).

I am a recent college graduate and I am looking for employment (any suggestions will be very helpful) as a receptionist, data entry/filing clerk, or as a sales clerk (they're only temporary jobs to give steady paychecks and more work experience on the resume and cover letter). I have been searching for over a year (this may be considered the norm now, but that is a long time to me). Fortunately, I have yet to lose hope in the job market and my prospects of finding a job.

Oh yes, if anyone is wondering, I do watch anime and I play Final Fantasy games. Actually, I enjoy playing games overall (if anyone was interested in knowing).

I urge and encourage all members to check out my gallery and give me their honesty. Thank you all and I wish you the best.


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